Mid-West Family is proud to welcome back Brand Kamp with Chuck Mefford!

Tired of wasting your ad budget on lousy results? BrandKamp is where local business owners go to Build Their Brand.  Learn great information that will change how you think about marketing your business, and we’ll even provide the breakfast…it’s Biscuits and Branding!

BrandKamp stops waste and cranks up the results of your marketing efforts. Business owners come “KampOut” with us and build their own ROI marketing system based on facts & data, not ideas or opinions! The BrandsFormation system has a 20-year track record of producing amazing results/explosive sales for any business with a long-term strategy. It aids businesses to create not just customers, but "fans."

Meet Our Kamp Kounselor

Author, Strategy Genius, Family Guy, Dog Lover

Chuck Mefford
  • Chuck Mefford

Chuck Mefford is a brand strategist, national speaker, and author of BrandsFormation®, BrandsFormation® for Healthcare, and his latest book, Tickle the Toes - Touch The Heart - Change the Mind, hot off the presses!

Chuck doesn’t simply write or speak about branding, he lives it.  He has consulted on branding projects in 41 states and 6 countries.  Whether it’s a business, a college, non-profit, political candidate, or a community, Chuck has worked with them all.

He is the founding partner of BrandsFormation®, a national marketing firm, with one goal: to help transform good businesses and organizations in America into great, top-of-mind brands.

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