Home Town Marketing

Your Hyperlocal Choice

The people in your community are who you want to see walk through your doors, use your service and advocate your business name.

For the last 30 years, Mid-West Family Marketing has helped hundreds of good local businesses in the Ozarks become great local brands! Well, what if your business doesn’t want to reach the whole Ozarks, but focus on your home town…

At Mid-West Family we’re not just LOCAL marketing, but Hyperlocal.  With our customized hometown marketing plans, you can focus your marketing dollars specifically in the areas you want to reach.  Whether you want to advertise to a specific area like Christian County…or a specific town like Nixa, Republic, or Marshfield…we can customize a plan to reach only the people you want to reach.

Mid-West Family Marketing is proud to be locally owned and operated and we look forward to helping you make your good local business a great local brand!

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Hyper Local

Why advertise to the entire Ozarks when your target customers are right here in your own home town, HYPER LOCAL!

Specific Targeting Capabilities

So let’s target customers in your town, your county, or any custom area.  (Maybe a few pictures of things we’ve done in the area.)


Geofence places your customers work, live, or frequently visit!

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Siwta metal roofing google search results on phone


At Mid-West Family we’ll create a custom plan to help you reach your potential customers right where they are, IN YOUR HOME TOWN.


You don’t have to waste another dollar reaching people that are your ideal customer and an area that doesn’t appeal to your business goals.


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